Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Survive, any old how...


Friend: Everybody's complaining about prices going up, up, up...

Me:       So, what's new? Is it going to help by complaining? Why don't we just go out less, and eat less? Then we have less problems with our weight, BP, pain here, pain there.... Then we can take out our old 'shrunken' - 32" pants and wear them again. Another cost saving. Besides, when you go out less, you spend less on petrol.

Friend: How to earn some extra pocket money? You got any kangtau or not?

Me:       Take a walk in the neighborhood. You see those aluminium cans and plastic water bottles that people simply use and throw by the roadside? Those are the 'coins' you can pick up, while you get some exercise. You always complain you have no chance to exercise. This one, good chance to kill two birds with one stone.

Friend: Nah!!! You ask me to go and pick rubbish meh? No class lah!!! And then, walking is not enough exercise for me lah. And these days, the weather's too hot and the air outside's so dusty. I prefer the workouts in the aircond gym. But gym also want to increase subscription. Beh tahan leh...

Me:       Earn money, you want, class also you want? Must always have 'class' meh? Pocket kosong never mind? Try the Ekor (betting) shop!!! Maybe you have luck there.

These people no need to worry about petrol price hike.  This schoolbus operator's not about to increase his fare no matter how high the price of oil goes.

Photo: pinched from someplace where they don't have real schoolbuses.


  1. with those price hike, we go out less, drive less and use public transport more, means less pollution since nowadays it's all about global warming.

    that's what i'm thinking.
    but don't argue with me about luck. go find it.