Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Going Two Wheelers To Cut Costs?

With the price of oil going skywards and the cost of our petrol aiming to go in the same direction, someone suggested we should go on two wheelers to cut costs. 

I'd still think twice about the motorbike.  Years ago I rode one when gas was cheap but cash was harder to come by and I was a lone-ranger.  I kept getting knocked down, and I remember that the 5 mishaps out of 6 times within the 15 years that I rode the bike weren't my fault.  I was lucky I didn't lose any limbs or worse, my life.  But I hate being vulnerable.  And that was the traffic volume of twenty or more years ago.

Well I've knocked and I've got knocked into about the same number of times since I upgraded to driving a car, but at least it only cost me money.  

I decided money can't buy back any limbs or life when one gets knocked off a motorbike judging by the number of fatalities from this sector these days.  I'd rather spend the money and be a lot safer (by percentages) in the car than out there on two wheels with no walls between me and those killing machines whizzing about every which way.



  1. If one has the luxury of choice, I'm sure it would be for a car. There are many people who have nothing left in the bank after paying their monthly car installments etc. and they include executives. If one is suddenly thrust to the poverty line because of the hike, then the choices will be very tough indeed.

  2. True. And public transport here is another headache, but at least it's a safer choice.

  3. so public transport out of the equation?

    i cut down loads when i return to public here.....

  4. Public transport is so rotton. Pick pockets are professionals. Abusing ladies is so common. The authorities should look into these.

  5. Public transport over here is like a living nightmare and the decision makers with megabucks are more interested in their own pockets. That's the nightmare. You tell them to benchmark your system, they get angry. They say yours is not a country...

  6. The authorities are still busy calculating who gets what... I rest my case...

    (watch this... if this is available in Malaysia, i will buy.. hohooo..)
    air car

    air pumping - 3 minutes.. get about 2 hours of electricity...
    and can go up to 200km/h you can pump air everystation like pumping air tyre...

    see if Malaysia get this car in..for sure it will be achive best seller!