Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Alternative Therapy

This therapy involves massage of the area
around the nail of the finger tips, thumbs and big toes.  The guy
wears a pair of copper thumb-cots while doing that.  The next procedure
involves rolling a golf-ball over the back and palm of both hands.  The
harder the pressure he exerts the quicker the recovery, he claims.  

As a result of a prolapsed disc in the lower
back, my sister-in-law wasn’t able to get up for a few days.  There
was numbness in her leg.  

On her first visit, she had to call for a
halt after a few minutes so she could lie down for a while.  The pain
was unbearable.  Then she got up to continue the treatment.  By
the time he finished with the fingers and thumbs, she could stand up and
put her foot on a chair for him to work on her big toe.  That night,
she could get to the bathroom all by herself.  The worse your condition
the more dramatic the result, it seems.

The therapy is for clearance of restrictions
to the flow of blood and ‘chi’ from the location of pain.  Where
there is restriction that’s where the pain is.  The massaging of
the fingers and palms where the nerve ends in the system are located speeds
up the clearance of the restricted blood vessels, thus speeding up the
healing process.

I still have the pesky neck pain so I went
along to find out if it works.  It seems a lot better now except for
some stiffness in one area and the inability to turn my head fully to the
right without meeting with resistance.  And I’m supposed to lay off
glutinous rice, yams, ducks, long beans and salted vegetables.  (And
that means no more “bah chang”.)

Anyway, two more sessions later, the outlook
appeared slightly better.  The longer your problem, the harder for
it to get better.  But if this works, it's a lot cheaper and more
convenient than going to a chiropractor who charges a bomb for each treatment,
and yet never answers your questions satisfactorily.  This one costs
RM12 for the initial treatment and RM5 for each subsequent session.  And
no, I can't claim insurance or the company for this.


  1. IT"S THE BAH CHANG SEASON!!!! heheheheh... imma being evil... and awww no duck? I went for a couple of massage sessions during the week and my back is head is feeling much better. i had chronic headaches and the therapist got rid of it by pressing the nerve on my back. she was massaging my right back and i felt my head ache and i said there it hurts... and she told me that my back muscles were tight.. now i feel much better! imma thinking of learning chi gong XD

  2. Yeah, too bad, I love bah chang and duck too. But I can do without them. Like the guy said, 'you can have them, but you'll be back for more of this...'

  3. I know of one idiot who is good at nothing and a drop out is now being addressed as reflexology master in KL. Beware of bogus specialist. Many people believe him for lack of knowledge and self belief.

  4. ya, massaging yourself will help the blood circulation, like what we do when we warm up in dance class. we also tried to massage every part of the body to 'wake' the muscles up.

  5. Yes, we're aware of that. We go by the results we get and from others who have been treated.