Friday, June 27, 2008

All of life is a masquerade


As a baby, being shown in your birthday clothes is a 'shame-shame'.  You get dressed up in the best to make you look good when presented to all visitors.  That goes on throughout your life when you go for meetings with new school teachers, new friends, interviews for college, jobs, clients, future spouse, and so on up the hierarchy in life.  You always have to show your best face, best foot forward, best behavior. 


First impressions counts in millions.  Never come as you are.  If the other finds out the real you later, it doesn't matter.  That first image has been accepted and it stays.  Sometimes for live.


That's how the image generation business came about.  The commercial part of everything.  We wake up to that everyday of our lives, unless we move into the jungle.  Everything great or small, good or bad, when presented in the best possible light becomes acceptable ranging from mild to great in demand, at times even creating riots when crowds scramble to grab the last morsels. 


When institutions start to rot and find their ratings hitting bottom need to survive, they sometimes go for a rebranding.  Nobody thinks of that as a lie.  Nobody thinks of that as an illusion.  It's all part of business, of life.


It's an open secret.  To get people to keep their thoughts of you in your favor, to prevent a change in their opinions of you, you need to keep brainwashing them. 


Humans, we are past masters of masquerade.


  1. or, you can be somewhat faceless, nameless, and aimless - and get to live your heart on your sleeve. :) (ahem!)

  2. have to live a life. one can't be faceless in most places...
    ermmm...even a mask becomes you if you keep it on for a while.

  3. Those who think they're in control of their lives obviously haven't thought about how much their lives are steered by what other people think of them. The clothes they wear, the houses they live in, the work they do, none of that matters if one has no one to impress and seek approval from. The human fear of being alone, I think, is doing very well to enslave us for life.

  4. rebranding and repackaging... seriously there's nothing much to invent or created these days so it's all about looking at the same thing in a different light selling it differently. one good example is the doughnut craze in singapore...

  5. Ya, like remixing old songs into new hits and old movies into new movies. Even automakers like Mitsuoka and Bufori are building wolves in sheeps clothing - vintage cars with new generation engines underneath.