Thursday, July 26, 2007

We Are Sold...

I need some gripe water, but I'm too old for Woodwards…  This is my griping day.  Let me just wallow in it.


Continental takes over Siemens VDO

Upon approval by the Siemens Supervisory Board, the Siemens Corporate Executive Committee has decided to sell Siemens VDO Automotive AG to Continental AG. Prior to this decision, several alternative offers had been intensively reviewed as numerous companies and investors had signaled their high interest in the takeover of Siemens’ successful automotive supplier group immediately after the official announcement of Siemens VDO’s planned IPO.


No more Siemens' name on our cards after this.  Pity, we just got used to Siemen's style…

Well, to us in the rank and file, what's the difference?  We are in the 'damned if you do - damned if you don't' category.  No big deal.  But for those who get paid in millions whether they do or they don't, of course, it's a whole different story. 

Heck, maybe now we have to deal with new policies, new slogans, another set of consultants, who knows what's next?  How about some VSS?  These new guys deal in tires and brake systems.  That's what I learned.  Maybe we get discounts for new tires?  Big deal.  My tires are still new.  Brakes also new.  And the longest I intend to stay around…nah… I don't want to discuss that anymore.

I feel tired…

Meanwhile, we've just been introduced new paperwork for process equipment buyoff procedures.  The kind that will ensure those equipments will never get approved even after 5 years of running mass production.  I can say that because experience tells me there is no perfection in any new production line.  But those who draft the checklist have to go by the rules and list all the details.  Those itsy-bitsy things which make it impossible for the equipment fabricators to fulfill in one go.  We don't have R&D, remember?

You even have to keep pushing for basic improvements, not to mention foolproof systems.  One work-order can take up to two years to fulfil.  By then some products are ready to phase out.  Hence, the saying, 'If you delay it long enough, you don't have to do it'.  Everyone's over-loaded except those who dream up new procedures.  Bah!

Gripe gripe gripe… I need a shhtraight shhhot.  Without ice.


  1. ...and this explains why we are sold. It's all about $$$. Nothing special...really.

  2. 100mls of oak melt whiskey neat in an old fashioned, drink up buddy.

  3. cheers, I feel better 'd. (even just imagining it) LOL.

  4. for a very lazy guy like me, i rather delay and procrastinate and delay further :)

  5. My 'ang-mo-kau' boss said about me, "The changes I want done won't get done even by the time he retires".
    The changes he wanted done are not even for real improvement. They're just for compliance with some new ideas he learned from somewhere else. If the changes screw up the production, you know who gets the blame?...
    Sure, he has a bigger boss to answer to as well. What the heck, that's the pecking order in action. And that's life!!!