Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bombed Out

Another family get together, another story to add to this blog.

LKK, now a retired driving instructor, used to get 'invitations' by the road transport department to attend courses and seminars in such far away places as Pangkor or Langkawi. On one of those trips which lasted 3 days/2 nights, he had to put up with an instructor from another state. The two guys shared a room in an apartment. The atmosphere in the beginning was amicable.

As middle aged guys most of them had windy bellys. But they were veterans at keeping their wind-breaks under control during the daytime lectures, which was considered a feat. But at night in their rooms they tried as best as possible not to intrude into each other's space or hearing range, so both maintained their decorum like they tried to do in the lecture rooms. Only problem is, when one is tired and sleepy, the ability to control the belly's wind from going at full throttle is near to impossible.

It so happened that when the other guy who went to sleep facing away from LKK, he inadvertently let off one full blast of foul air in KK's direction.

Bloody hell, I can control, you cannot ah? KK thought to himself.

Summoning his old tricks, KK let off a 'warning' blast to remind him of the protocol. The other guy took this to be an answer to his challenge. He came back a few minutes later with another hearty blast. This riled KK tremendously. He decided that the situation required an all out declaration of war. He immediately returned fire and thereafter timed his shots to roughly one blast every ten to fifteen minutes.

The air bombardment lasted until way pass midnight with most shots coming from KK. The other gentleman finally conceded defeat. The deterioration of air quality and the noise pollution did get to him. He couldn't sleep at all. He evacuated his bed together with his pillow and blanket into the hallway and spent the rest of the night there.

The next day the news went out among the whole gang of driving instructors from every state in the federation, how KK bombed his room-mate out of the room with not only both hands down but also lying down. He wondered loudly how anyone could manage to have so much air-pressure in his belly within such short intervals.



  1. Ha ha ha ho ho ha he he.......puuuuuu....

  2. LOL!!! wow what a battle!!

    i think it's a dietary concern =\