Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Laziness Has No Teacher

A young man wanted to learn the art of laziness.  He asked around the country and was finally told that there was one master living on a hill, who could teach him that 'skill'.  So he set forth to go up the hill.  By the time he got to the little hut at the top of the hill where the teacher lived, it was almost sunset. 

The teacher said to him, If you want some food to eat, I have only some leftovers from lunch.  You'll have to prepare your own dinner.

The young man said, It's fine.  I'm hungry and will eat anything, even left-overs.  He proceeded to eat some of the teacher's food.

The teacher then lighted a lamp for the night.  They sat talking after dinner and the teacher said, since it's already night, there's nothing we can do for today.  We'll start your lessons tomorrow.

Teacher went to lay down on his bed.  He told the young man to make his own bed out of some dried grass and old clothes. 

The young man said, It doesn't matter.  I can sleep next to you on your bed.  I only take up little space.  He went to lie down on the bed next to the teacher.

The teacher said, Alright, but please put out the lamp before you go to sleep.

The young man did not bother to get up from his reclining position.  He reached for his slipper and threw it at the lamp, knocking it out. 

A moment later the teacher said to the young man, Young man, you can go home as soon as the sun rises, tomorrow.  There is nothing I can teach you.  You are already lazier than me!!!

If you decide this is a joke, you're probably right.....


  1. I'm a pretty lazy, lazy person. If there is a short cut, I will find it. The roommate says my laziness is only offset by sheer craftiness. Hahaha.

  2. That's not laziness. Your mind works better than your limbs...LOL

  3. haha.. me and my husband also lazy, those who went to bed late will have to put out the lights (TV, living room's lights, comp and dining room's light - change to dim light) and check all the doors' locked before sleep. So, sometime when movies end, we both will look at each other see who rush to the bed first, this must included finish brushing teeth, and wash face that consider win! Loser will have to do all the jobs. hahahaaa.... see how lazy are we? We should have set some sensor things at home, imagine if our home is BIG, we will need to hire someone to off the lights, luckily just a small one. hahahahhahaaa..... :P