Friday, May 25, 2007

Use Spell-checker lah...ok?

Got this stray message in my e-mail which gave me a real guffaw....

                       * * * 

Subject: RE: Silicon Switch - 90 074 007A A2C52093789

Dear Alls

For your information and action, i'm not able to get anyone to evaluate the changes and update the drawing for the improvement part from Supplier. The designer Mr Fuck is found in the company contact list anympre.
SV Rubi and SV Brazil have approved the part based on their internal testing without changes the drawing.
What is the decision from PD and QM side? This involve D18D and WRM, SRM,,,,,

                       * * * 

For the life of me I can't understand why nobody bothers to use the spell-checker that comes with the outlook software when the company has already paid for it all. 

Man, if you can't get your bl**dy grammar right, at least check your speeling....(oops!) and not to screw up somebody's nice name at the same time.



  1. "Dear alls," this one classic.
    Errr..... the Mr. F*ck... Is it for real? The sender really spell the name like that?

    And I tried to think like an engineer (presume you're working in some assembly/manufacturing factory) and sorry to say, I think your HR need better resume filtering/scaning/screening...

    Actually, what's his problem? Other than the England issue.

  2. I don't know actually. Sounds like a switch from a supplier.
    As for the name - there are those like Fuckar, Fuckerer, Fuckereider etc. in our global address book.... I think he misspelt that too.
    It's a stray e-mail. Happens sometimes, when their fingers work faster than their eyes - clicks on the wrong name in the address book.

  3. ... and they forget to bring out their brain (if they have any)... hahahaha...

    But, sending the wrong email to the wrong person is totally unforgiveble. Especially in cut-throat and data-sensitive market place.

    Those info might seem useless and harmless but for some, they're valueble.

  4. Hilarious.. we get one of these every once in a while, don't we?