Saturday, May 12, 2007

Home Made Explosions

Wife wanted to heat up some cold curry with eggs in it from
last night and she wanted to do it fast.

She managed to create an explosion.

While she got busy cleaning up the mess, I suggested cutting the eggs in half to prevent another explosion. The moment I dig in the egg with a knife I created another one.

It created another mess. It scored a direct hit on my right hand. I went for the Aloe Vera Gel.

A few hours later, I earned this whopper of a blister...

If you want to cook eggs go conventional.
Or cut your eggs first. Not immediately afterwards.

Don't play-play with Microwave.
And don't try to do things in a hurry. Bad for health...


  1. No wonder.... Microwave....
    Hmmmm ....
    Next time can try to heat up something like .... Coke .... in the microwave...
    Can go bomb olso one.

  2. eggs , potatoes and spiders tend to burst in microwave ovens ...The best remedy for it not to happen is to let the heated water escape out .In eggs one can crack the shell slightly , and in potatoes , pierce the skin using a toothpick or any similar object.
    Also , when boiling water in microwave ovens , one must be aware that water itself tends to erupt when it becomers superheated water in liquid state.

  3. The hardboiled eggs were without any shells. When it was still in superheated state, I pierced the surface and it blew out. Obviously they're meant to be heated gradually from outside inwards. When the whole mass is expanded at the same time it goes "Boom".

  4. reheating boiled eggs: twenty seconds max (one at a time pls), you'll be fine.
    i'm an avid microwaver. that's my favorite "cooking" method. ^_^

  5. We always make a mental note when it comes to Micro wave. No metallic object! But, like me, with age catching up, some of the food purchased like "Loh Mei Kai", they comes in a shallow cup made of aluminiun foil. Well, I just put one in to heat it up. Thank Goodness, there were cracking sounds. Then I realise that aluminiun is metallic! Occassional oversight is inevitable.

  6. She set it for 5 mins.
    well, ouch! But it's ok, it's only my hand...luckily. not in her face...

  7. Seems conveniences come with a catch. They can be dangerous as well.

  8. Good thing it's only a first degree burn! What is the wattage of your microwave? Usually heating up food that has been refrigerated only requires 1-2 min max. If food is still cold, add a couple more minutes, gradual increment is definitely the way to go if unsure.

    5 mins are usually for boiling like cooking ramen/cup noodles. I usually store food in tupperwares, and food is easier to reheat with them too. To avoid small explosions all over the oven such case with curry, cover food with lid mostly but not completely so you can let some steam out. Covered food takes shorter time to warm up too.

  9. ya, that's y tupperware has a product specially made for microwave-cooking...papa, next time use the tupperware given by 5th aunt..

  10. i think to my hand so pain....aiyo.....

  11. GAA!! In that case, maybe is should warn you about boiling a cup of water. NEVER more than 90 seconds!

    Microwaved water and other liquids do not always bubble when they reach the boiling point. They can actually get superheated and not bubble at all. The superheated liquid will bubble up out of the cup when it is moved or when something like a spoon or tea bag is put into it.

  12. "A few hours later, I earned this whopper of a blister... "

    When there's a blister, that was a second degree burn, fortunately just one small blister....
    When you suffered from burn;
    the 1st step: flush the lesion under the tap water for more than 10 mins, then go to the second step:to use Aloe Vera Gel or go to the hospital if large area of blister come out.....and....home made explosive devices are strictly prohibited, you are not Steven Seagal anyway.......

  13. Thanks for the tips and advice and concern, folks. I'll keep in mind not to be too relaxed at home on weekends...

  14. i always use microwave to cook rice, to reheat food , to reheat soup, to warm up water sometime (no need to use kettle - :P - lazy) just a glass of milk before work, to steam vege (with tupperware) and to cook egg... but. no explosion like this before, today only, i learn about the danger of microwave, thank you uncle and others for all sharing.