Friday, May 25, 2007

Finger Signals


It is often discussed

Among the circles of the learned

That the knave who steals from his master

Is the one who points the first acusing finger

Away from himself

Not realising that

For every finger that points away

Three others

Point towards himself

Not forgetting

there's a thumb

That points upwards

To One who sees it all


And then there's the signal

From one middle finger

That speaks a whole load of words

Of disdain and disgust

With incivility

Which often results

In totally unexpected reactions

On the high road of reason


  1. While I wrote that, I was actually thinking about our MPs again... fingers always working better than their brains

  2. They point to others when roofs leak, pipes burst, highways crack, or when women get raped, citizens get robbed, etc etc... But in parliament they call each other animals, use bad language, insult a woman MP and refuse to apologise, and they call themselves men. Shame.

  3. This one is so pathetic that even students are tempted take pot shots at him...