Friday, May 5, 2006

What the... Even the birds have gone nuts?


It used to be certain times for the dry season to slack off and the rainy season to start at around middle of second lunar month of each year.  But nowadays the seasons have gone nuts and we're getting heavy rain even around our chinese new year.  And with that the fruit seasons have gone haywire as well.  That, I assume from the number of times a year we see durians in the local pasar malam.  It used to be only around July or August for the durian season.  These days we're getting them in December too.  Along with them come rambutans, langsats and mangosteens, and cempedaks.


But for the live of me I can't expalin the reason for the birds to go crazy too.  One fine morning, I suddenly heard a lot of chirpings and whistlings from my mango tree outside the fence as early 5.30am.  The sky was still pretty dark, which sort of startled me.  I stared at my alarm clock thinking it might have decided to retire early.  But no, it was still ticking merrily on.  


This morning those silly birdies are back singing and whistling at 6.30am.  The normal time for that serenade used to be around seven.  Have their bird brains gone loco too?



  1. Fruits season going crazy.. birds going crazy no problem but hope you are not going crazy since still got a few more month counting for your retirement... times will come soon

  2. 2 years man...
    But then I decided to opt to add a few more years on contract basis. Told my boss and he said he'd call off the replacement.

  3. work on contract basis must be good deal!! so how many years plan to work base on contract?

  4. it's a year by year deal. if i get tired of it, i can leave after 1st year.