Sunday, May 7, 2006

E-filing – Tougher than earning your money eh?


I thought I was one of the rare few who had problems with e-filing.  I read of one or two guys who wrote to the papers saying how easy it was.  After asking the tax e-returns advisor who showed up at our company to demo to us how easy it was, I gave it a try even though I’d already filed my returns manually.  (The gentleman said it’s OK to file it again electronically.  You won’t get taxed twice in a year!!). 


So, after trying about half a dozen times to register for my digital cert at home unsuccessfully, I tried it for another half a dozen times in the office and got it.  I had it copied into a thumb-drive and loaded it into my home pc.  Then I tried to file my e-returns for another half dozen times.  It just didn’t work.  There was no response at all, even when I kept clicking on the “tandatangan dan hantar” box continuously.  I went back to my office pc and “exported” the digital cert this time and then went back home, “imported” it, and tried again. 


More than 2 weeks after I started this quest (I was already feeling like Thomas Edison and his light bulb experiments) I managed to get my e-filing through.  Persistence pays.  But then I didn’t have the deadline hanging on my neck to worry about. 


This morning I read about an “IT savvy, a Webmaster, and a system administrator. I also design online PDF forms for my clients.  

But when I got “Pemegang No. K/P pengenalan ini belum cukup umur 18 tahun” and “Pendaftaran Sijil Digital Anda Tidak Berjaya” after doing everything right with the PIN, Digicert etc, I gave up after three tries.”


Looks like I wasn’t alone. 


And looks like somebody in the IRB’s got a lot more work to do in that area before they say “everybody’s got to do e-filing next year”…



  1. The gentleman who came into our office in Cyberjaya said we got to pick which to use; can't send in your manual tax form and do the e-filing ... heheheheh ....

    I don't even wanna try the e-filing ... I know how reliable our Malaysia network is, I know how the agency does procurement of the system and I know a lots of things behind a successful online system... You can't expect a baby to walk/talk/take airAsia straight away after his birth.

  2. huh...tell me something new... As usual different govt officers tell you different stories. But logically, both files will go into the same account. Well, let's see if it works...(or screw up). We'll know about it anyhow. In actual fact i think they prefer people to send the returns by nornal mail, not registered, because then they have to use manpower to sign every receipt.

  3. Hehehe.. here is my suggestion to you, let other people try first.. be a bunny then wait and see the "experiment" result... If the result are good then we can join them if the result are Bad then just forget it..

  4. hahaha... Et tu Brute?.... learn from the sufferings of others?What happened to the trial blazing spirit? Let's be pioneers...

  5. e-filling is good in future.. but ..but too many butlah... let IRB work harder, make sure all programme work right then I'll try

  6. yeah, I agree. too many butts... but wait, they're rebranding MSC!!! maybe if they improve their 'image' they can work better, then give IRB better support. I'm sure they're related. hahahaha.

  7. Mmm...I didn't know about all this. I wanted to register once at Ipoh but forgot to get my Income tax account number so I never went further than that.