Friday, May 5, 2006



If you put in a few male guppies into a tank full of female guppies, you'll soon notice the the males start to look dull and uninteresting.  If you remove all the females leaving only a few but add in a dozen more males, you'll soon notice the males trying to outdo each other enhancing their color and shine in their fins and long tails.


So, does the same story apply to the office scene where you get only a couple of guys and a dozen ladies working together?  All the ladies would come in dressed to the nines while the guys shuffle in in their sloppy slacks and T-shirts (unless dress-codes are imposed) and hair looking like mops?  And if you reverse the ratio between the two sexes, would the guys start to dress better trying to outdo each other and trying to look macho while the ladies start to come in looking like Cinderella the morning after?


Well, next time you go into some offices while on your rounds, observe.  It'll probably be just the way it is with nature.  But don't shoot me if I'm wrong, ok?  I'm just wondering.  No research done.



  1. My guppies killed one another for territorial rights instead...

  2. LOL....move them away from the TV. They must have learned something from terrorists too...

  3. My guppies always missing in action every time I check it, don't know where gone??

  4. you put them in your koi pond? sudah jadi snack lah.