Thursday, May 4, 2006

Embarassing moments...


Ever had daylight nightmares about something you'd never want to talk about afterwards?  Well at least for a time until you outgrow that "wish the ground would open and swallow me whole" moment.


I remember one time long ago when I had buasir (piles) and I purposely chose another doctor other than my regular, because I heard he was away and was being replaced by a lady. So I went to clinic F (supposed to be a male doctor there) so I thought it should be a guy looking in my other end, because I had to lower my pants.  Lo.  I went in there and there was this lady doctor, (wearing tudung some more) and a lady assistant to boot. Talk about embarrassment!!!  I had to lie down for both to take a peek at my behind where the sun doesn't shine.  And with a torchlight...


At least now some clinics tell you, "the regular doctor is not in, would you mind seeing another doctor by such and such name?"  Then we won't be caught by surprise.


  1. Hahaha.. if go to hospital and may be the doctor on duty is a young malay girl with tudung??? oh o!

  2. Hahahahahahah
    Good ones to cheer my exhausting day ....
    Uncle, post another one tomorrow pleeeeeeeeease ....
    Tomorrow is another long day !!!

    *pull hair pull hair*

  3. warning: pull summore hair you'll end up like me...hahahaha

  4. That gave me a good laugh on Friday morning :-)

  5. Sometimes I wonder if the patient is more pai seh or doctor is more pai seh hehehe

  6. hahaha.. I wonder too. But I scooted out of that office as soon as got my pants back on. I assume doctors have had more than their share of such stuff to be embarrassed anymore. To me they're like the mechanic looking into your engine and would even probe around while they're at it.

  7. yikes!! but i think doctors are professionals lor. So if you are ok with it, they are ok with it too lah. But when comes to male docs and female patients, they always ask a female nurse to be in the consultation room.

  8. Ha-ha-ha I know how you feel coz I went through it too. Lately I felt something abnormal at my back and had to face a govt doctor (round 1). I asked for a male doctor and got one. He said I had two sis and recommended me to a specialist for confirmation. The specialist (round 2) apparently was a lady so can't avoid but thankfully she advised to leave it alone (sis are quite common I am told) unless it became a problem because that was a difficult area for surgery.

    Looking back I recalled I fell hard on my bums once so it must have ruptured something hence the sis but it's OK now since I there is no pain there.

  9. I think you mean a cyst (Cambridge Dictionary: a round growth, just under the skin or deeper in the body, which contains liquid)?
    I once even had a skin tag right on the behind. I had to have it removed because it was a nuisance.

    OMG! hahaha... now we're into baring our details...hahaha....