Wednesday, June 1, 2005

The Brain Drain


I testify that I shiver not

From the weather humid and hot

Under thick blankets of clouds dark with anger

That promise of rain yet refuse to deliver.

But only yield a pittance some drops of water

While continuing to stifle the air and smother.

Inducing suffocating thoughts that our brighter citizens

Have gone for better promises in other nations.

Leaving us to shout slogans of 'boleh' falsely proud.

Empty halls where once our finest students crowd

Mingled with the children of who's who in society

Standing tall in their achievements with propriety.

Their parents and relatives beaming with pride.

Friends of different races cheered from every side

Now hide behind their titles in secret shame.

Whose children excel because of their name.

Will our future generations have to hold

Still, the epitaphs that read in bold

'Beneath here lies meritocracy'

In exchange for racial pride and supremacy.

But who weeps in vain for this nation

In the onslaught of globalisation

Unable to unite every citizen's brain or might

We fail in our ability to stand upright?

Wake up now every Malaysian

Whether or not you love this nation

Live by your conscience break the rules not

Positions of power be neither sold nor bought

Honestly toil and sweat for what each truly craves

Else all shall vanish under the global waves.


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