Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Just Keep On Dancing....

Like stepping on other dancers toes or bumping into behinds on a dance-floor, I might have one time or other offended people without even being aware of it.  Sometimes I feel that maybe I've used the wrong choice of words, but since nobody's telling me to shut up, I assume everything's ok.  So, if ever anyone out there feel I've been stomping on your toes and making you feel really, really uncomfortable, here are my humble apologies.  Let's just carry on dancing.  Although unfortunately, my other half doesn't like dancing, I've somewhat retired from that ever since we got together. 


But I'm not sweating it at all.  Life has a lot more for me in store.  Actually when I think about it there are so many things in life I want to do, or often thought I'd love to do.  I'd need about the same number of lives as a cat to do it all.  And the other factor is, I like to take my own sweet time doing the things I love doing because it's not work.  And there's no deadline attached.  And, hey I am really looking forward to retirement!  Considering that I started working as a farm boy at age 5, all through school and after, I 've actually been working for 47 years!!  But, ok, in all fairness, I did have some breaks and some fun in between.  How would I have survived otherwise?


As they say, no one ever kicks a dead dog.  So being alive and trying to live it to the full we simply can't avoid interacting with people.  While doing that, being humans, no matter how nice and diplomatic we try to be there is no way we can avoid offending others or getting offended in return.  The only thing we can do is to accept that this is part of life and take it in our stride.  If you think someone is being offensive or criticising you, simply adopt the "Duck's Back" theory.  You know, ducks feathers have a very waxy surface.  That explains why they don't get wet in the rain or when those ducks go for a swim, they're dry as soon as they leave the water.  Simply let all that unpleasantness dribble down and drain off. 


Or you can also use the "Wet Dog" theory.  Those who give their dog a bath should know this.  The shaggy guy simply gives its whole body a vigorous shake.  Don't know how it does that.  Must be a natural thing for a dog.  So that's why you end up having to take a bath yourself.


What I'm trying to say is that, in spite of what happens around us, or whatever people do or say, we can remain happy as long as we remain in control of our emotions.  If we react to negative situations badly, then they will take us down with them.  If we remain positive, we may find it to be a good lesson to learn.  Here's my favourite quotation: "If life hands you a lemon, turn it into a lemonade". 


That's enough of mind wanderings for now.  I sort of got tired of writing rhymes to pass off as poems.  Again, for want of trying something which I always wanted to do.  Maybe these things need a lot more polishing.  But I'll keep trying anyway.  I got nothing to lose.

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