Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Petaling Street Project?

When I first came across Project Petaling Street, I thought it's only a development taking place in KL.  Or maybe it was another extension of the place from where my daughter bought me a "Rolex" as a gift on one of her holiday trips.  It was only when things got hot and also high-lighted by the Star and when they had the bloggers' bash and all those lively bloggers started telling their stories of how "hot" it was that I woke up to the fact PPS is actually a site where all Malaysian bloggers throw in their blog contents so that other bloggers know what they're up to.

I found it a humbling experience. I thought I could spin, twirl and loop the loop with words (my delusion, really), but after I've gone through a number of those very well written blog articles, some of the writers are not even out of their teens, I have to take my hat off to them. And also thanks to Petaling Street, I discovered I wasn't the only "Uncle" in Blogosphere. There are retired government officers, retired businessmen, lecturers, parents and grand-parents etc, happily blogging away.

I quote organiser of the recent PPS bash, Aizuddin: - "I truly believe in the power of blogs as a tool for self-improvement, and mutual-education". And I totally agree with him.

To all fellow bloggers, Happy Blogging.

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