Monday, February 15, 2010

Everyone loves a good joke, but..

Everyone loves a good joke. I'm no exception. But considering the great amount of jokes our MPs and other big shots are generating out of their mouths these days, we don't even need to look for new ones to keep us amused. But then some like the submarine that don't dive jokes suddenly become a reason for us to be worried when the lame excuses why they don't come from a minister himself. Now, that's no joke.

Now we can see why in the darkest days when Poland was still struggling behind the iron curtain, the Polish used to joke a lot, especially about themselves, their living conditions, their daily struggles and their politicians. I was trying to find some of those gems I used to read, but they seem to evade me. Maybe now that the Polish are finally free of the oppression they simply let those jokes dissipate and fade away.

Can we hope for the same miracle to happen to us and our tragic/comic situation here in our bolehland?

Meanwhile, here's to share with you the results of my search for jokes to keep my spirits up while watching the real tragic-comedy going on...


  1. Too bad that website didn't carry any bayi (bengali) jokes but then, they all have the same ending so it got boring after a while. At the rate we're going, I'm sure bolehland jokes will take the crown away from polish jokes.

  2. I believe we're already wearing the crown and feeling stupidly proud... esp some of those up there...

  3. the immediate prospects dont look too good