Friday, March 20, 2009

The home I left behind


in my innocence

i imagined

a beautiful world outside

of bright lights that glitter

far into the night

a wonderous sight

filled with endless pleasure

food, drinks and leisure

until i saw the ugly shadows

lurking behind the smiles

on the faces

of those who hatch evil

in their hearts

scheming to take away

my hard-earned relief

from my toils in daily stress

with heaviness within

I yearned to return

to the home I left behind

only to find

it no longer existed

while I was away

her innocence was stolen

her young heart broken

her character defiled

her purity lost

that sweetness

gone sour

and I moved on



  1. I guess there is something to be said about living in a cave high up in Kathmandu. Come back to it 50 years later and most likely it'll still be there.

  2. Would it be the same if you hadn't spent your most innocent times there? I just wonder...

  3. When in high school I used to spend summers at a farm in a little town not far from Chicago, courtesy of my foster parents. I paid them a visit 2 years ago. Nothing seems to have changed, yet everything seemed different. The barn and grain silo looks smaller. The dirt road that leads to the country road seems shorter. Even the old combine harvester didn't look as monstrous. As things don't physically change, then it must be our minds that do.