Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bill, get my surname right will ya?

And also get the check ready...

I've been wanting to do this for a long time.  That's ever since I started blogging or rather, ranting in my blog.  But I dared not because Bill could just get fed up with me and buy up the whole part of the country I live in because he's rich enough to do that 10 times over.  Or he could just buy out my family name.  And the whole lot of us.  That's scary.

You see, Bill's MS Word or Excel or the email Outlook always tries to 'correct' my surname every time I type it out as LC Teh, no matter how carefully I did it.  Then after I go on to finish the rest of the sentence and punch that fullstop, my name has been changed to LC The.  My colleagues tell me the same thing.  They get frustrated every time they try to address me respectfully in a message.  Some even end up addressing me a Mr Tay...which I resent.  How dare anyone change my surname?  My grand dad would turn in his grave if he ever reads my emails.  So in the end some of them simply address me as Tuan, Datuk or simply as LC.

Then I found out how to make my MS Word do my bidding without trying to 'correct' my 'error'.  I simply delete that 'teh' word from AutoCorrect.  But still it's other people who try to send me mesages that rile me up, especially if they don't share my surname.  You see, they make mistakes typing 'teh' instead of 'the' more often than they need to type my surname. 

Anyway, these days I don't mind if Bill buys up the place where I live.  You see, those people who're running the place and those who once ran the place are now at each other's throats (or backsides) while the economy is sinking, sinking, sinking.  Those people who once ran the place almost ran it to the ground.  Now they say those people running it have no experience.  Or they're good at digging up old dirt. 

So what?  You need to dig up some dirt to straighten the place, right?




  1. I think Bill already owns the country and the best part is, we paid him to own it. If you're on Windows, technically Bill can tunnel in to every dirty little secret you'd have ever handled, from the documents you typed to the emails you sent. Like wise we can say (Eric) Schmidt also co-owns the country with Bill because he's Google's CEO. In fact he's actually far ahead of Bill in having access to everyone's dirty little secrets - from blog comments to photos to stuff you say on messenger chat. Stuff that's out of Bill's reach.

    You're not related to the Teh family of the Malayan Flour Mills dynasty are you?

  2. If either of them owns this country they're not doing us much good, it seems. We're getting more confused and perturbed by the day. What with all those additional/alternative news they're feeding us, which are sometimes completely opposite of what the mainstream media tells us.

    If I'm related in any way to the family of Malayan Flour Mills dynasty (or even Public Bank folks), my life would have been completely different. Perhaps they'd even forbid me to write anything in blogs, the way I give public airing to every little detail.... hahaha. Everything must have a price.

  3. Yeah, that's the democratization of information. What ultimately happens depend on what people do with that information.

    Haha, I think I've met with members of both families and they seem to be nice folks. Wonder if they thought the same about me. ^_^

  4. It seems we may have like minds, but physically we move in different orbits. Still, thanks to Bill, Eric and etc, we get to swap tales around virtual campfires. Who cares if any of them are listening in? Grateful for little pleasures, shouldn't we?

  5. Haha, ditto on that. :) What would really be cool is virtual reality phones where you could actually see a holographic image of the person you speak to. Imagine learning Shaolin martial arts direct from some guy in Hebei over VR link.