Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Cries of a Shackled Citizen


I looked to the clouds above 

And found the answers to life

But when I turned my gaze earthwards

The answers were all drowned

Amidst the drudgery

Of struggling for survival

To live from day to day

Keeping my nose above the waters

Bolting my doors

Against the wolf of inflation

That threatens to swallow the fruits

Of my blood, sweat and tears

The grains for my golden years


And I pray that my country

Would not be run to the ground

By bigots, liars and thieves

Masquerading as leaders

And champions of their communities

Beseeching citizens to mix racially

While creating walls to separate them

Threatening the book of ISA and sedition

At those who dare question their actions

Preaching piousness and honesty

While plundering the public coffers

They should be protecting

Under the guise of development

They preach righteousness

Loyalty and adherence to the rule of law

While wealthy felons pay their way

Out of judgment

To freely commit more sins


But the shackled citizen

Hears no voice speaking out for him

For it is drowned by a rowdy mob

Paid for by impunity


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