Friday, August 10, 2007

She thinks - I think...

安定着胡乱的思想    ān dìng zháo luàn de xiǎng

催眠着澎湃的心情    cuī mián zháo péng pài de xīn qíng

任何宗教信仰          rèn zōng jiào xìn yǎng

念的是祈求安宁        niàn de shì qiú ān níng

Quietly untangle confused thoughts like unruly beard

Let sound of waves hypnotise the mood

Belief firmly whatever the religion

Pray diligently to seek peace and tranquillity


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  1. not really correct..
    here's just a rough correction...

    calm down confused thoughts
    hypnotise the uncertain mood
    whatever the religion
    Praying is to seek peace and tranquillity

  2. almost is good enough...heheh...
    I'm amused by the image of an old sage stroking his beard deep in thought....

  3. i would b more amused by an image of lianchye stroking his chin hahahahhha deep in thought

  4. I'm more into plucking the few strands that I have when I'm deep in thought... hahaha

    I tried to translate directly. I suppose Chinese language is more like symbolic, i.e. making use of ideas like tangled beard to describe confused thoughts.