Wednesday, August 8, 2007

My Ramblin' Prose 2

Education should take you away from a window overlooking a dark narrow lane which ends at a gate with a "no tresspassing" sign. 

Education should take you to a door which opens to a garden view before you, a roving range farther on, mountains and lakes in the distance and clouds and blue skies beyond.  It should show you a road leading beyond the horizon with travellers going both ways with whom you could travel and exchange experiences.  It should give you hope for endless possibilities beyond your dreams.

Now, wake up from your daydreams and go get educated.


  1. wow...i sure never expected to read this here...i must go and further my education. but the reality is furthering my education wont increase my pay and if u minus the costs of so called education factoring the pros n cons I might actually lose out :)

  2. friend, here's the catch. Getting 'educated' doesn't mean you have to go to an institution to do it, passing exams for it, obtaining a scroll or having more suffixes to your name. I'm not talking about increasing income either. There is the 'university of life'. But if you want to talk about making big bucks, here's This Famous Dropout who didn't finish his "education" anyway.

  3. ok..point noted :)
    Lianchye: I never knew blogs existed until 28th November, 2006. I only surfed newspapers and BBC. Now mylongkang is ongoing. I had to learn many skills along the way. I suppose this counts as education? :)

  4. In my opinion (if it counts), a big YES.
    When PCs started to become affordable to me (at around RM4000), I went and bought my 1st 386sx and taught myself how to use it. I learned how to tweek with DOS & Windows systems and made all sorts of mistakes with configurations and asked lots of questions and learned from my colleagues at work until I could troubleshoot most of the problems.
    I found out that those of my age and above there are only a few who bother to do that. Then my nephew introduced me to blogging.
    Lifelong education... as if I could live forever.