Monday, June 11, 2007

Yesterday's china dolls, today's dragon ladies

My word, am I lucky. My wife has never had a real need ever to hire a maid. We could never imagine having a stranger living under our roof. (Wifey and I love to tickle each other at times; something we couldn't imagine doing in front of a stranger) I certainly hope we will remain lucky we can maintain our health until our ripe old age and still able to do all the house-hold chores ourselves. Never mind the roof. Maids can't get on the roof anyway.

With all the bad news about maids, getting a reliable one seems like looking for a needle in the haystack. Or you've got to be real lucky if she wants to stick around or do some work when you're not watching. Not the hubby definitely. He's not going to watch her and risk confirming some people's claims that Malaysian hubby's are gatai!

Nowadays it must be near to impossible trying to hire a good maid who would:

1. Stick around and work in your home without you needing to find another person to watch her like a hawk.

2. Not steal from your home and pass the goods over the fence.

3. Not run away with the next sweet talking guy from her same country of origin.

4. Not cooperate with the agent to cheat you of the hard-earned money that you paid to hire her, had her health checked, paid for her aborted pregnancy by running away as soon as she got her bearings right.

Then some people got a brainwave. They want to open the options for our house-wives to hire Chinese maids.

I call it brainwave because we never heard this being discussed before. We all know pretty well China has a huge worker population most ready for export if required. Before this, we often heard news about China Dolls coming in here and dolling themselves up for the local menfolks who pay good money to keep them in rented apartments for their own leisure pleasure. Even better, they now call them little Dragon Ladies. Up one notch in Branding huh? We seem to be getting good at that too!

Then in typical Malaysian MP fashion an MCA member shot it down. She must have picked up the bad excuse philosophy from her colleagues in our notorious parliament house, (you know, the one that leaks from the roof as well as from the mouths and the brains?). Then she, in typical MP talk said something like all Malaysian men cannot control themselves, and all their roving eyes must be screened from ALL maids from China, whose only calling in life must seem like to grab her employer's hubby and drag him helplessly into a bed and devour him… Never heard of self-control meh? Think our men like pussy cats meh (going after pussy only)? Can't tell the difference between gold diggers who come as GROs and 'plane-jumpers' and genuine wage earners?

And I'd say, serves her right when there's one blogger guy who scolded her with some really bad words .  Can't say I condone such open profanities on line, but he must be one hellava insulted man. So am I. But I'm not using such words. I only show you what can happen if you insult people by insinuation.  Besides, she said the same things more than once.


  1. we once had a maid who was from a different provice. My mom's tagalog was very bad and her tagalog was equally bad but it was the only common language. One time my ma asked her to fry an egg and she said she wanted it "whole" meaning a sunny-side up egg with the yolk intact. The maid fried the egg whole with the shell (she didn't even break the egg. she laid the whole thing on the pan.) LOL!!

  2. hahaha...more maid stories waiting to be written....?

  3. dude... i never believed in hiring domestic help. I have messed up my home and I always clean it up myself. Men have self control. No doubts there. And you and I are fine examples. You know that I have young females (nice, classy, educated local womenfolk, not dragon ladies), showering me with attention and what nots. I just say, thank you, but I am not ready to be entangled in any form of a relationship. Damn weird though, then they start chasing after you like crazy... going all obsessive about you. I guess women have the same problem as men?!?!? hahahahaha!

  4. I had a friend asked me where I go after work. I said: 'home'. And he said, 'you're too good to be true'. He'd tell me stories of his 'adventures'. I kind of felt sorry for him, his family...

  5. We once had a maid that boil a kettle of water by using charcoal and my mom sent her back the next day. hahhaaa.....