Friday, June 8, 2007

Best Wishes to Pak Lah & Lady Jeane

I'm entitled to my opinion too.

First of all, I'm happy for Pak Lah. I wish him wedded bliss again after he lost his confidante. (God bless Mak Endon). After all, at this moment who can he really trust with his innermost thoughts? Who can he brainstorm his next plan with, without having it turned into a score-point by someone with a selfish personal agenda, no matter how closely related to him that person is? Think about that... Who, really?

Running a country is totally different from running a family. (I assume.) It is a tremendously different job. Yet it is similar. You need a mother for the kids. A wife to hand you that umbrella even though it only drizzles. And a reminder to pay the utility bills or plug that leak. All that, in spite of the fact that you make those heavy decisions every now and then; the decisions that make or break that goose that lays the golden eggs for you and the family to survive. It is a gentle hand that steadys you before you stumble. You need not worry about some of the little details. She reads your actions and reactions and she stabilises you where there is a tilt. No doubt, she also makes some errors since she is also human. Haven't we all? And don't we all get judged too, sometimes mercilessly, by even our own kith and kin?

A Prime Minister needs a mate too. That personal vacancy needs filling. Absolutely. And this is not the time to be throwing mud at him for his short-comings in his leadership.

I'm not going to be dismayed by all those nutty things some misguided bloggers and commenters make about them and the forth-coming wedding. Life must go on, and we have to shrug off all the jibes and live.

So, to Pak Lah and Lady Jeane, I just wish them all the best for the rest of their lives. Whatever the age there's still plenty to look forward to. Everybody deserves some happiness, if that's all they ever ask for. Some of the past has to be laid to rest. Time doesn't mean a thing if you're just waiting for it to past. The wealth of the world and all its pleasures and treasures doesn't mean a thing if there's no one to share it with.

Selamat Pengatin Baru Prime Minister Pak Lah and Lady Jeane.


  1. Me too. Pak Lah. In a lighter jest, now I understand why cats like to scratch walls once in a while.

    "The wealth of the world and all its pleasures and treasures doesn't mean a thing if there's no one to share it with."

    That's why at Multiply the feedbacks mean more than the message, right?

  2. You said it man.
    We need mirrors to see the beauty or find the flaws in ourselves.
    We need some surface to cast our shadows.
    We need solid surfaces to bounce back the things we throw at.
    ....................etc, etc....

  3. The positive feedbacks are all coming from men..hehhee..(naturally)..well, where are the ladies' comments?!.

  4. Naturally... when a guy does a good job we tell him so. If he screws up we don't spare him either. Here he's taking a bride legally. That's fair.

  5. Frankly, imagine marrying my husband's sister's ex-husband (put myself into Jeane situation), weird ler... But i do wish them all the best, still this is their story, non of my business maaa..

  6. I salute you Mr. Teh. You are a decent courteous member of the human race & this country's population. I was absolutely appalled to read some of the insane, vitriolic garbage spewed out on RP's site. It just reflects the breeding & culture, or lack thereof, of some sections of our society, regardless of how highly educated some of the 'spewers' claim to be. I understand political bashing but to bash a man on his personal life & his choices? That's in extremely bad taste.
    Thank you for not letting me lose complete respect & faith in all our countrymen & women's integrity and rational thought.

    Now...if anyone out there feels like 'bashing' me....feel free :-)

  7. Thanks, sgfell. I know I'm not alone with my views.