Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mayday! Mayday! Poet in River!









This day in Chinese Legendary History:

Mayday! Mayday! Poet in River

As usual, to commemorate the event. We eat it!!!

But watch that cholesterol level…


  1. recently been reading chinese poems by famous poets in chinese history. they were the brunch of the saddest people in the world with so much grief that no english language could express. they lead the most deary lives; war, famine, displacement, exile, occupation by enemies, death of family and lovers. things that happen everywhere, but dun know why, when it happen to those darn chinese poets, they make it sound so important, infectious and heart heavy.

  2. like 韦庄's 菩萨蛮,‘未老末还乡,还乡须断肠。’

  3. Well, not being able to read any of those journals makes me blissfully ignorant.
    If history can help us live better, fine. If not, I'm not really interested.
    Apparently, we haven't learnt much as nations. We just repeat the mistakes all over again.

  4. and did they ever find his body?

  5. Obviously... the answer is NO still.
    Cause they're still rolling the dragon boats now... and the search goes untill international level...
    Pity him.

  6. I think they badly needed heroes back then as we are now.
    How many heroes we read about are really heroes without the hype and spin?
    I'm just wondering...

  7. Superman!
    and.... Transformers! :D

  8. I guess they couldn't. Rivers have a habit of flowing along pretty fast taking things with them downriver. I don't believe anybody would dare to jump in. Besides, there are those flesh-eating fishes to contend with.

    But anyway, folks always weave legends around an event to popularize it. Who knows, those town leaders probably wanted to attract out-of-state tourists and make some profits as well. Typical Chinese folks, right?

  9. Yeah!! Of course some heroes for the kids too..