Wednesday, February 14, 2007

One for the year of the PIGGY


Thanks for being tolerant of my many a PIGgy habit

And for my PORKiness 'cause I'm too lazy to keep fit

You never told me you're BOARed with my stuff

I can't stop PIGging out and never said, 'enough'

You never complained that I HOG the limelight

Always ready to give way to my PIG-headed pride

You often have to put up with my HAMmy action

But when things got hot you're ready to save my BACON

And for the years of sharing with me this little PIG pen

I can't thank you enough for PIGking me as a friend


Grab me by the hand, not by my rear end...


  1. haha...worth sending to my sisters! thanks, lianchye! Ü

  2. Ha ha ha, I love humor on this poem; thanks for sharing :)

  3. hahaha glad to know you like it...
    guess what piggy said when caught by the tail?

  4. hahahaha very nice...i cant wait to have my own baby piggy...(debut in midMay)

  5. nope...just decided it's piggy's year and make light of it. sort of just played around with different descriptions. I came in the year of one who keeps sticking out his forked tongue but doesn't say anything.

  6. ....and maybe that's why I'm fond of saying things with double meaning..heheh