Friday, February 23, 2007

Here's my foot, Grandma

An ad on TV showed a group of schoolboys reading a newspaper and trying to pronounce a word spelt "PREOCCUPIED". They were so preoccupied to the point of missing their last bus home. It was this very same word that I remembered when sis-in-law #2 came up with this story. She's the grandma caught on the wrong footing:

Grand-daughter's 1st birthday was fast approaching. So, while the parents were away on holiday, doting grand-parents brought the little girl to the supermarket to get her a pair of new shoes. While grandpa carried the baby, grandma browsed around the shoe dept helped by a salesgirl. When they found a suitable pair, grandma proceeded to try one out for size, at the same time carrying on a conversation with the sales girl.

Both grandpa and the salesgirl were probably wondering why grandma had to squat down to try on the baby's shoe when the baby was so high up in his arms, but when grandma started to lift grandpa's foot the sales girl said, "Aiyoh Auntie ah. Why you holding uncle's foot? You're supposed to try it on the baby's foot lah!!"

"Alamak!!" Auntie was wondering why baby's leg became so dark, heavy and hairy.

Uncle 'poker-face' managed a wry smile while the rest; sales girl, grandma and fellow-shoppers had a good laugh.