Saturday, April 27, 2013

Our Mango Tree Still Amazes Me

Our amazing mango tree is showing no signs of giving up its rightful place by the road out front.  A few years ago we thought its life was coming to an end
owing to an onslaught of wood worms eating their way through the upper branches.  So I prepared for its final farewell and started planting another tree to replace it.  

I chose a ciku.  I got the seeds from a delicious breed all the way from Kuala Selangor, courtesy of a neighbor who has relatives staying there.  

Now the once fragile little seedling is coming up strong, sheltered by the old mango tree.

Meanwhile our old hero is not only surviving, it's still bearing those deliciously succulent fruits, even strangers stop by to pick.  (Some without asking for permission).

Meanwhile, we have a new member to keep me company while I fiddle with PCs and printers. 
Meet Mr Aro Jr., a voracious eater who grows 2 inches in 2 months!!!  He reminds me a lot of the old Mr Aro who gave us a number before he left us.

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