Sunday, August 21, 2011

Check where the heat is coming from

Staying married is like keeping an electrical appliance running.  You have to keep feeling and watching where the heat is coming from.  If it’s coming from the right places, be happy that things are going well.  If it is from an inappropriate place then you have to check where the source is.  Is it coming from loose joint, jammed parts or ruptured cable? 

Sometimes you can’t find where the fault is until you see sparks flying.  When that happens, you have to shut down the appliance, find the cause of the problem and correct the fault before everything goes haywire. 

Sometimes there is just that irritating buzz and rattle and you get a whiff or two of burnt insulation.  That’s the best time to correct the fault and solve an impending problem before it flares up (and sparks fly and things get ugly).

The best way to keep an appliance running perfectly is keep checking periodically and maintaining it.  Prevention is better than cure. 

But this is not a perfect world.  So don’t be dismayed that sometimes you still get some unexpected sparks or shocks from unexpected sources.  Best thing you can do is ensure it doesn’t get too big or happen too often.


  1. Real life? Satire? Comedy or tragedy? Sometimes we can't tell the difference, except to laugh at some and cry at others... especially when most of that is in the past tense.