Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cold Sweat...

Want to know what it feels like when your finger slipped (or is it the mind?) and you punched the wrong button which deleted the partition on the disk containing all your customer's important data?

Yeah... cold sweat... And with the customer breathing down our necks, checking every few minutes wanting to know when we can deliver the restored PC, it wasn't an easy job. 

Jeff and I searched the internet for every data recovery software available, hoping to undo the damage.  One software managed to scan and showed us the files we lost but it ended there.

1900hrs:  I didn't have the energy to go on so I called it a day and went home.  But Jeff wasn't the type to give up that easily.  He went on working at it. 

He just sent me a message at 2300hrs and said we can sleep well tonight.  He did it!!!  He undeleted the partition and recovered the precious data!!!  I call that persistence!


  1. wow this is so cool. i didnt realize this can b done.

    i still havent stopped but optimistic.. the incision was too big

  2. Hi Bengbeng,
    Hope you've got better by now. Cheers! Happy New Year!!! Take care.