Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Move over, Mr. Bond...

The gadget guys in the secret service must be wringing their hands in frustration. 

These gadgets below come in many forms and can be easily plugged in anywhere.  Seems, there's nowhere to hide theses days...

Since it's inevitable (or we assume) do spare a mask (or a paper bag with eye-holes) in your bag, and be ready to use it when you enter supermarket or swimming pool changing rooms, toilets, etc...  A photo of you in birthday clothes will be worthless if nobody can recognize you.  I learned that from a story I heard:  

Some folks were caught gallivanting in the nude by some photographers and everybody cover their privates with whatever they got.  One guy simply covered his face with his hands.  When asked why he did that, he simply said, "Who cares about looking at a naked body if they can't recognize that face?"

Oh.  And don't be shy in sharing this MASSAGE....  hahahahaha....

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  1. i thought i commented on this post before. it is due to my poor internet connection. i thought it went through but it didnt :) cannot remember what i wrote though :D