Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Can't walk like everybody else?

Heres' a typical morning market where everybody walks in to buy provisions and foodstuffs and wanders around wondering what else to buy and where and what to eat for breakfast.

Sometimes it can be very crowded, especially during weekends.

But what's it with those guys on their motorbikes and the poisonous fumes they leave behind? 

No, they can't sacrifice their convenience for others' health and safety.  They can't bear to leave their wheels for a while.  They can't park their bikes outside and walk like everybody else.

And these same fellas do the same thing even on crowded days.

Shame... (or, to quote Patrick Teoh;  NIAMAH!!!)


  1. If the public is not cooperative against the few bad hats, why should I be a hero ?

  2. What I observed is, the public don't really care... they just come, buy whatever they need and leave...

  3. ya.. somemore difficult when you are one hand holding kid, another hand with big and small pack of vege, and they still honding you to ask you stay away... geram... and JULING them also no use...idiot!

  4. Its called being selfish. Everyone's selfish. Its just that some are more selfish than others.

  5. more like IGNORANT! I hate ignorant ppl!!

  6. heheh... wonder of wonders. the 1st guy on the bike was spotted WALKING today...