Friday, September 18, 2009

On spirituality

Sometimes we feel so small and insignificant and are totally helpless against the troubles that plague us daily.  It's not about religion.  Religion is a group belief and concerns more about rituals, code of ethics, and philosophy.  And usually it is more of form than substance. 

It is more about personal faith & belief in something bigger than ourselves that is benevolent, omnipresent and powerful that can give us the strength and tenacity to keep going and help keep our sanity intact.  It is the tie that binds us back to one that created us.  

It's what we think and do, and the results and the effects upon others around us that are important to all, here and now.  Too much preoccupation in preparation for the hereafter makes no sense.  When we go we take nothing with us. 

But we do leave an impression for those who stay behind.  I think it's important that we leave one that everyone would want to emulate.


  1. Perfect timing! A soothing blog as I just woke up from a bad dream :(

    ... but don't wanna go to Par. 3 and 4, scary topic to me re: the hereafter and leaving everyone. Like I'd never be ready :( knowing I have committed too many sins? *grin*

  2. I've always thought that what one does to prepare for the hereafter is necessarily good for the here and now. Being kind, truthful and compassionate is just as good for later as it is for now. Being unkind, untruthful and uncompassionate is just as bad for later as it is for now.

    But that's going to the substance of religion, not a very popular thing. To the ordinary Joe, its just a handed-down ritual or a platform for religious materialism where its all about hoarding as many brownie points as possible. 10 points for saying grace before dinner, 50 points for attending mass, etc. Enough points gets you the grand prize & opens heaven's gate, just like a Bonuslink card.

    Could this chase for loyalty points be why some are precoccupied with acts but not heart?

  3. Going for loyalty points seems like a universal weakness that these people in the marketing business (who really study human nature) would cash in on. That used to apply to religion, now it's being exploited by everyone else. But it seems this chase for loyalty points are becoming more like garlands people can wear around their necks. The more garlands you wear the better you look. Along the way some just lost the plot...

  4. 'let him who has not sinned cast the first stone'.... ?
    I believe no one is ever ready, even those say they are.