Friday, July 10, 2009

He never said, 'No'

Could I ever say my dad never approved of my involvement in art when he took the trouble to make me this?

That was 40 years ago.  Along the way I got lost.  Sometimes I found myself back on the familiar old path...

only to be drawn away by the demands of making a living and raising a family.  It was a decision I made to ensure I took care of life's golf balls first.

It's been a long journey through the rat race.  It wasn't all blood, sweat and tears tough.


  1. He actually made you that? Whoa... awesome!! I wish my dad made me something. ^_^

    One of the things my dad did that I remember to this day was when I was about 6-7 years old. He took me out for a long walk in the park one evening. As we walked we could hear frogs croaking by the lake. "Frogs!" he said to me like he was teaching a 3 year old. His face was beaming. For a moment I thought he was another 6 year old, hehe.

  2. yeah, he did teach you about nature. when we talk about frogs now, it's politics... :D

    my dad hand-made lots of things we used on the farm, so making me that painting case wasn't such a big deal then. somehow it seems like a big deal now.... only after 40 years.

  3. That's poignant, but I guess you have no regret because you took care your family well the way you wanted them to be now. There's always a time to go back and nurture your talent/gift. Grandma Moses started her artistic career in her 70s, since then she became an international sensation.

  4. Thanks Danny. If ever I needed encouragement in my 'interrupted' artistic career, it's right now when lots of factors still work against me. No doubt it's lots better than those early days, but I could do with lots of moral support.

  5. Dad really made this for you!? That's amazing...

  6. Yes, our amazing dad... and he only went to school like, for a few months. I know he worried about our future, but he also wanted us to be happy doing the things we love.