Tuesday, May 5, 2009

waiting for the curtains

                                  to slowly descend

there's no applause, this show has no end

my mind's in a muddle, the hours are long

my present's a puzzle though nothing's wrong

shuffle my time like a pack of playcards

pick on what I do on a whim and a song

meandering, wandering, wondering I move along

I don't know where I should be but I'll soon be gone

hand on the clock edges northwards getting near

my mind is out somehwere else but I'm still here

it's jumbled but it's still thinking

and nothing seems to be moving...



  1. Yeah, it should be like watching water boil.

    Now, they could always call up and say, "Hey, we need u back. A 6 month contract ok?"

  2. That'll be fickle. Our top guy wouldn't allow that, if I know him.

  3. Not even if the economy turns around and he can't cope with orders?

  4. 1st, I think the economy's going to take a while yet to turn around. The 2nd reason is, one message from hq reads: "...our house is too large..." on page 12...

  5. mine one is coming soon ... oops...sorry is already on the way... last working day June 30.

  6. Same day yes, but yours and mine are different. You need a plan for the next move. I'll just go light and easy.