Saturday, May 23, 2009

I do believe in 'I do'

I believe
my life wouldn't be my own
to do as I please anymore
the moment I said 'I do'
in whatever language, culture or religion
in whatever manner 

Every decision I made thereafter
I'd have to consider her opinion too
for she'd be the one
who'd be directly affected
if anything happened to me
in the course of my endeavors 

So when I wept openly in frustration
over a job which overwhelmed me
need anyone ask why
I had to cry over something so trivial? 

No, it wasn't just for myself that I wept
but due to a choice I recklessly took
I took her along with me
into the misery of agonizingly confused days
and long troubled sleepless nights.

And the nightmare
still haunts me today


  1. Korean ex-president Roh took his own life when a corruption scandal put his wife and family at risk. It was an extreme act but he put himself in harm's way just so his family would not be harmed. I only wished he had done it in a non-fatal way... Anyway it reminds me of a wise saying, "Do not for self. Do for others."

  2. Everything we do affect those around us. Sometimes people make mistakes that blow into monstrosities. Maybe it's hard to do, but we shouldn't make others miserable even if we want to end our own miserable lives. Otherwise some people will think we are selfish and decide for us.

    But a good engineer knows how to benefit from lessons learnt and install a safety-valve on himself.
    A good general knows when to retreat to avoid total defeat by an enemy. A good farmer knows not to load all his eggs into one basket....


  3. Yeah, when one has dependents, ending one's life prematurely, thru a wilful act, old age or by accident compounds the misery. I don't know if the mode of death itself makes any difference because any which way it happens, the dependents are still left high and dry.

  4. A candid poem, coming from a husband. Not many can
    expressed in words. To see it in writing, well said!

  5. thanks. some thoughts just refuse to stay silent.