Saturday, September 13, 2008

Prince who walks with commoners

I sat down at the town square

And lighted a candle for someone I admire

He's gone to jail for the sake of a Mongolian girl

Who died of a malady called persistence

They cremated her with C4

To erase her existence


This is only a wax candle

I sat there feeling the warmth

Of the evening breeze

To the sounds of the traffic

But the atmosphere was about to freeze

And I wondered

Where’s everybody we’re supposed to meet


I’m trying to remember when was the last time

We had a hero we could worship?

The naysayer had nary a good word to say

But called him a trouble maker

He’s a Prince who walks with commoners

They charged him with sedition

There are too many seditious people

Who’d try to prevent them

From running the country as they please

Without a care for the citizens?


  1. Umno killing tactic is to staff a dead cat into someone's mouth or mouthful of blood and spit on people. By now we know the tricks too well. Thanks to modern mass communication.

  2. They can lock him up, but they can't shut him up. He spawned many more who think and write like him. Here's another one of them. And they're sprouting up like mushrooms after a storm...the storm of 8th March 2008.

  3. Nothing lasts forever... Patience is a virtue.

  4. People see and yet they mum out of fear. Brave soul to stand and speak out what is right and wrong. Admire by far and many. He speaks for all. Justice isn't fair but people know what the truth is but sacrific the brave for the nation.