Friday, September 12, 2008

An Old Toy

I'd just come downhill and paused under a rubber tree to pick up a couple of seed shells.  As I was straightening up, a fellow hiker and his wife came by and he said, "Aaah, you've just reminded me of those days.  It's been a long time since we played with that..."  

My thoughts sent me back through the years gone by when we used to clip the 2 shells together to form an object like a propellor.  Then we'd hold the propellor by the sharp ends between thumb and a finger and blow into the hollow of one of the shells.  The thing would spin around like a real propellor.  That was fun.  

I grabbed a few more of those shells before I walked away.  There's still a 'little girl' back home who hasn't seen nor played with one of our olden-day toys.  


  1. when i was home last few weeks mom showed us, it is fun how this 2 shells can click together like that.
    paint on it!

  2. eh, i didn't see this that day~

    but i think i saw this before...just couldn't recall how it works..