Monday, July 28, 2008

Spread your wings & fly

You’ve created another first

Passed through another gate in life

Taken another step into the future

Proud as we are of your achievements

Letting go is hard to do 

But it’s the only thing we have to

You need your space

To spread your wings

And soar into the skies

Beyond the borders of the ordinary



As we left you

At your apartment’s main gate

Standing alone, waving us goodbye

My heart was so heavy I wanted to cry


For us who love you dearly

This is another sacrifice

Of our hearts

Go on girl 

Look outwards and grow 

Chase your dreams

To the ends of the rainbow


  1. Wow you're lucky celebrating as a family. When I graduated there was no family member to greet me. Went to McDonald's alone for dinner after that, graduation gown tucked under my arm.

  2. This must be the difference in Culture - East Vs West. We're the 'easterners' who think as a family.
    Anyway, we're just 4 hours drive away. You were 26 hours flight away - all the way to the other side...

  3. lianchye in yr shoes, i dont know how i will b able to handle it. i cant imagine coing home and the kid is not there :(

  4. frankly, it was tough. took me a while to get over it...
    got to understand she rushed through the last few weeks working round the clock to get in her assignments before the big day. and the big day came almost too soon. now she needs the time to sort out her things.