Saturday, April 26, 2008

Random thoughts... again.

Face it.  Only a very rare few live by those God given rules.  In fact, since Adam.  He's supposedly the reason for all our current sufferings.  I may be Buddhist, but I've read stories about him and all those excuses.  And he blamed the woman too.  Precisely what our MPs did all the time when they talked about rapes, sexual harassments and leaks in their parliament.  I say ‘their’ because those mudheads acted as if the parliament belonged to them.  Anyway, that’s before March 8, 2008.  Now that they’ve lost their 2/3rd majority, maybe they’ll behave better.  Besides they’ll be having the close circuit camera watching and recording their every action and word.  Let’s see if anybody’s stupid enough to go bananas again.

But then, there still are rules.  And if you don't want to live by any of them at all, please get up, desert your family and go live in the jungle (as if you can find a real jungle nowadays).  If you're as tough as you think you are, you'll survive. 

If not, and you still want to give civilization another chance, be nice and live by some of the rules.  I mean some.  You can't survive either if you want to live by all the rules.  After all they're all man made.  That's right, man.  Mostly one-sided, right?  And if men can't really follow all of them what do you expect of women?

We all need a practical balance to live and survive with the rest of the two-legged species and you can't have it all without giving some of it back.  In fact, you'll have to give it all back when your time's up.  That's why some people like King Tut and Shi Huang Ti, who thought they had it all, refused to go.  So they tried to find ways to live forever.  Some people are still trying to live forever.  At least they behave like they do, especially those who sit in high places.

If you believe in re-incarnation, you'll still come back as a totally new setup.  If from the Karmic point of view, you try not to behave like a pig for fear that you'll come back as Porky, or not mistreating your maid otherwise you'll turn up as a maid working for a witch next time around, then perhaps you'd better behave now.  Otherwise I think it's a waste of time thinking about this aspect.  For one thing, if you can't remember anything from your past lives.  So what's the point of believing in this thing? 

Anyway they'll juggle all your atoms and even revise your DNA.  By the time your brain is fully developed and you realized yourself as yourself, you'll only be aware of your current conditions.  Your memory?  Forget it.  That hard disk's a brand new one to you.  They don't recycle Hdds.  Totally new format.

Ok, back to the rules thingy.  There are of course some rules where human lives are concerned you must follow to the letter.  And there are others your can ignore and they can close one eye.  But you’ve got to know the difference.  Just follow conscience.  If got law, just follow law, ok?  Otherwise if got caught, get good lawyer...


  1. I'm still waiting for what they'll do with that correct (X3) liar, er... I mean lawyer.

  2. LOL! you're so hilarious. totally new format indeed. Ask the dalai lahma. i guess he would have an idea of that ;) hehehehehehh

  3. it's still only HIS belief, not mine...