Sunday, March 9, 2008

Malaysia has today matured

Watching the results of yesterday’s national elections coming in over the internet, I was thinking; the internet has helped us win this war in a big way.  Those incumbents who were busy plundering the national coffers thought that bloggers were not worth wasting their time on now realized too late, progress has caught up with them.  They found themselves swept away by the tides of change.

With 5 states taken from them and less than 2/3s majority in the Dewan Rakyat, the ruling coalition has now no choice but to come to terms with the democratic reality that they can’t have their cake and eat it too.  Malaysia has today matured to become a true democratic nation with this one election that makes history.  A direct result of this will be when all states whether they are opposition held or otherwise, should have their fair allocation of development funds and opportunities. 

The fear factor is removed, the discrimination abolished and the playing field is leveled.  Whoever performs will stay in 'power' and whoever goes to sleep shall be kicked in the butt or shown the door.  We have dreamed of this day.  It has become reality.  Long live Malaysia.  And thanks to a cohesive opposition who finally saw a common ground and used it well.

Like the legendary phoenix that rose from the ashes, the leaders of our current opposition groups have, in each of them, at least one who has gone through the test of fire and brimstone and returned to fight another day.  Or some have persevered through the toughest of battles to see now the triumph they have long fought for. And each one should have learned his lessons well. All have also learned from the history of this nation enough not to repeat the same destructive lessons. Their collective triumph now and their cooperation after this, is our hope for the future. We hope they continue to treasure those lessons learnt.

We are seeing the dawn of a new day.


  1. *applause*
    the winds of change have blown and hopefully we see a more united malaysia with strong development, lowered crime and general contentment amongst the rakyat....

  2. may i use and adapt your first three paragraph for my blog? im intrigued. thanks...

  3. Thanks Hafiz. And be my guest.
    I 'borrow' your Jalur Gemilang...

  4. i never thought i would live to see this day... ppl here realize they have missed the boat..the media had imposed a blackout on everything..they had no idea of wat was going on in west malaysia except wat the bn wants them to read

  5. now it shows up very clearly. most people, esp those in BN, underestimated the power of the internet. if Sabah and Sarawak had better access the results would have been different.