Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Back to square one?

I guess our happiness is short-lived.  Something's brewing in Perak.  I hope the DAP guys stop thinking like they're back in their caves.  Thinking through their wrong ends!!!  We thought we've just got pass the racial and religious hurdles set up by years of BN grip on power.

I hope it's the work of some hacker...


  1. heard something like this too on the news today.. I dunno who I am supporting, tho I was happy PKR got selangor..I like his daughter..

  2. They agreed to the prerogative of the sultan, isn't it ?

  3. Raja Petra who helped pull these gangs together has this to say

  4. We need now the young and idealistic to step forward and take over the administration, otherwise the age old, stale and non-workable ideas will still be applied. And like a dog chasing its own tail, we'll get nowhere. We need this change and we're getting it. It will be a disappointment if some old block-heads still thinking in the same old way sinks it.

  5. Maybe old uncle Kit got too tired with too many nights out and his mind went back to his same old automatic lines...

  6. an example of the protest notes that voters sent to Dear Uncle Lim:

    "written by CitizenBodohland, March 13, 2008 | 09:20:56

    Uncle Lim,

    Where is your Bangsa Malaysia? The rakyat have done their part. The Chinese and Indians are supporting PAS. Malays even in the rural area are supporting DAP. The BOSS aspiration is so evident in the election result. Don't you get it?

    We condemned BN for being race-based. Do we want to become like them?

    Throw away your phobia on Islam. BARISAN RAKYAT is the key for a UNITED MALAYSIA FOR MALAYSIANS.

    I am proud of my family and here's why:

    We are Chinese.
    I am a Muslim.
    My sister is a Muslim.
    My brother is Christian.
    My parents are Buddhist.

    My parents and my sister voted for DAP, I voted for PKR, and my brother voted for PAS in 12GE.

    We celebrated CNY, Hari Raya and Christmas in the same house every year. My 60 year old mom and 70 year old dad are proud for being a multi religion family in Malaysia, why can't you understand that?"

  7. Well Lulu thinks Uncle Kit has had to answer to lots of people to come that quick decision, which he regretted later. It wasn't an easy one. Great responsibilitycomes with Power ...

  8. Truly only a Bangsa Malaysia Party can pack a knock out blow to the BN. My Chinese friends voted for PAS . I heard the Malays voted for DAP. It is of this wind of change that really shakes the BN. Racial politic is doom nowadays. The economic cake is not solely meant for the cronies and close allies.

  9. Wait...we still need to get over the teething problems. The partners to this new "marriage" which we endorsed need to come to real terms with one another. They're still thinking like when they're single. Now they have to compromise on the use of the bed, wardrobe, the toilet, kitchen, the car, who takes care of the pets, cleans the house, cooks....etc. But first they have to decide who gets to take charge of what. That ain't easy. Meanwhile the bad nosy neighbors are watching for fresh gossips to keep themselves busy...and probably betting on how long this "marriage" lasts.