Wednesday, December 5, 2007

New Business, Right?

What I brought back from Frankfurt wasn't new business for my company.  But it's new business for our local medicine shop.  Sore throat has mostly gone but the sneezing spells still come around.  And sleep is taken in snatches.


No doubt the condition improved 2 days later, but the cough is still persistent.  So, the ball goes to another local Physician.  He's proven to be effective in the past, especially when a persistent cough remains after a flu attack.  After a few long minutes of holding my pulses he told me my internal system was too cold.  Probably I'd taken an overdose of the above items.  Figures.  I know they contain some cooling herbs.   Guess that's why it's always advisable to know what you taking in and how much you need of each ingredient. 

I'm hearing about friends who's been coughing for months without getting a cure.  So, I'm not taking chances.

Still, sometimes like getting rid of unusual noises in an old car, it's a gamble, 'hit-or-miss' kind of thing... because a cough is not considered an ailment (?).  It's a symptom.  Or an irritation.  Right?

Aaach ccchhhhewww....

Someone suggested taking a concoction of juiced tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers for a few days.  I tried that too.  The coughing became worse.  So, last night 10-12-07, I went and tried another Chinese physician.  Giving herbal another chance. 

Date: 12-12-07  - Finally after 3 weeks (or more?) of see-sawing between cough and mild sore-throat without it being really serious enough, the real thing errupted yesterday.  This time it was really a pain even trying to swallow.  So, I went straight to my regular GP.  He gave me cough mixture, some pills to get rid of the phlegm, some pills to get rid of the pain in the throat, and 4 days' regime of 150 mg Roxithromycin. 

Now just take that and pray it works....


  1. God bless you. My sore throat is frequent but no cough .. well just a little .. nothing to worry about. It will go off by itself and will come back again and again. It's been going on for umpteen years. Can that Chinese medicine help to eradicate such a problem ?

  2. people over here are getting sick too LOL!! take care dude!! XD

  3. papa, i'm not so confident in these chinese medicines as i don't really think they were ever examined thoroughly enough..

    did u receive an email about these chinese medicines are banned? even the 'poh chik wan' and '5 pagoda powder' what's not banned?

  4. Thanks,
    the 2nd one worked pretty well in the past. he gave me the usual pulse check etc and came out with that concoction.
    My normal antidote for sorethroat has been hempedu bumi (chuan xinlian). It works most of the time.

  5. thanks, pal. the problem's in the weather changes recently.

  6. I haven't read anything to that effect. I do know some Chinese medicines are banned but not these you mentioned. They have been with us for generations... I also understand some are imitations.
    I think the best medicine should also be taken with caution. And if something doesn't improve a condition, we just try something else.

    Not to worry, I'll get by.