Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Make sure he packs in the grease

I had the opportunity to thoroughly give the Iswara Aeroback a running check when my daughter came home during the Christmas holidays.  Call that an annual inspection.  When I drove it out for degreasing service there appeared to be another engine running independently under the chassis at a consistent RPM.  So after the wash I took it to Kim’s workshop.  The senior mechanic said the wheel bearings are making the noise.  I told him to change them and check for other irregularities.  He found that the engine couldn’t go to higher RPM without faltering.  In the end he installed a standby EDI (distributor) and found what was the cause; a faulty EDI.  A re-conditioned part costs RM200 but there's no guarantee.  I opted for a change to an original part.  That cost RM430.

If you get your mechanic to change your wheel bearings, make sure he packs in the grease.  I made the mistake of not watching this one while he changed the bearings on the 2 rear wheels.  Our Iswara only made it as far as Ipoh (about 200km away) when my daughter called home and said the left rear wheel was making a continuous thumping noise at normal speed.  She took it to a mechanic and upon stripping the bearings, found the insides blackened.  There was no grease in them.  I told her to get a receipt for the replacement and pack the old set carefully and bring it back on the next trip home.  I want to go back to my local repair shop and get my money back.  Besides, that apprentice mechanic needs a lesson in wheel bearing assembly.  His boss has to pay for it of course.

It was a lucky thing that she stopped by at Ipoh to drop off a friend.  Getting stuck in the middle of nowhere can be costly or even extremely hazardous, considering some drivers who like over-taking on the emergency lane...


  1. fuh, luckily i got it changed, the mechanic said if continue, the part will start to smoke.

  2. Your friend SY must the angel on your shoulder. If you hadn't stopped at Ipoh....(imagine the rest)

  3. about where were you when you became aware of the noise?