Wednesday, September 26, 2007

No holes barred

Chairman of the Bored just sat down in front of his PC.


Bad Company = too many executives, too little execution.

Bad Equation = Too many managers = too much management = too little being managed

Crisis Management = Pay consultants for some rubbish which helps to sweep the problem under the carpet and hang a certificate on the wall where there's a lose brick showing.


Quick Returns

Guy went into washroom and met a colleague coming from one of the stalls. He sniffed the air and made a face.

1st guy: Waaah! That must have been you. What an awful smell!!

2nd guy: So, what do you expect to get in a shit-house? Baking cookies?


Meanwhile, wish I could join the lawyers@Putrajaya If they pull this through, I'll never make another lawyer joke again, ever. Promise.



  1. heard about the news on radio, but was unsure about what was happening..

  2. bro care to explain the cause of this march? it's not covered in Singapore.

  3. It all started with the expose of This Video of a senior lawyer discussing with a senior judge in the process of fixing some judiciary appointments on the phone. Some big guys were mentioned which included the former PM. This means only the rich and powerful can get justice, for everyone else, God help you. This fixed system has been going on since 1988 after the sacking of the chief judge by the then PM.

  4. here is an earlier scandal in year 2001 which has some of those names mentioned in the video:

  5. Chairman of the Bored!!!! WAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA

  6. LOL!! nice play on the words. that was a good one XD

  7. Thanks, Xendis.
    I carpool with a colleague who's a master of word play. Some of that must have rubbed off on me.