Friday, September 28, 2007

From Solemn to Hilarious

Just got back from a meeting.

Chair-person (lady) was pretty serious.  New on the job, oozing with enthusiasm and eager to make a good impression.  But half-way through the solemn affair, someone saw a nice blind-spot in her field of vision and decided to toss in a banana peel.


Chair-person:  This item has been on this minutes for the last two weeks.  Why can't we proceed with the sample build?

Project guy:  We're still short of some raw materials.  The parts are coming in soon… within these two days. 

Chair-person:  When is the deadline?

Project guy:  Yesterday…

Chair-person:  Did someone request for an extension?

Project guy:  Done…

Chair-person:  Any other surprises that can stop us?  Equipments ready?

Project guy:  Done.  We'll run the process as soon as possible.

Chair-person:  Soon? 

Project guy:  Can't promise until I see the parts are OK.

Chair-person:  How soon?  Can we have a date?

Project guy:  I'm flattered…but..

Chair-person:  ???  Come again?

Project guy:  Sorry, you're not my type...


  1. If I am the chair lady I will kick him out .. ha ha

  2. that's a good one, but i think that she wasn't too amused... LOL!

  3. OK. I come clean.
    There was a real meeting, but it was borrrriiiinnnng. My invovlement was more like spectator status. So I started "taking notes". The 'can we have a date?' statement was plucked from history, and the story developed from there. I tagged it as 'fiction'.

  4. I was the one who made the original gaffe many years ago at a similar meeting. The guy who responded didn't catch it until I myself started laughing and when he realized it, he grinned and said, "I'm not that type".....hahaha...
    I'm just thinking; the US president makes so many of them, everyone thinks it's natural for him.

  5. so hilarious very very hilarious hahahhahaha

  6. glad you enjoyed that... I'll see if I can remember more funny stuff from way back then...