Sunday, January 21, 2007

For the love of Julie's Crackers

I thought I heard some rats prowling around in my attic
again. So I thought before they could
get bolder and come down after my foodstuffs, I decided to get them first. I baited my rat trap with half a Julie’s Cracker
and left it on a ledge under the air-well.
Sure enough, next morning I heard scratching noises coming from the
trap. In the semi darkness I thought I
caught two of them together. But the
scratching noise sound too loud and violent to be made by rats. When I finally got the trap down, I saw who
else but our recent visitor (or maybe one of his relatives). He was
chewing on one of the steel springs in a desperate attempt to free himself.

Well, I just knew I couldn’t keep him all day in that little
trap. He might just hurt himself. So I had to let him go. However the very same evening he was back in
the attic and prowling around looking for more of Julie’s Crackers.


  1. Wow. What is it? We get a lot of squirrels here and occasional racoon and skunk. which reminds me: squirrels are NOT cute AT ALL. During summer, they shed fur and look like jumping rats. Racoons give you rabies. For those who are curious, skunk's spray smell like burning rubber tires but stronger and heavier. If one's an unfortunate victim, the stench will stick for 72 hours. It's so bad you can sniff it within a 2 mile radius. It's a regular roadkill over here and drivers drive erratically to avoid the animal on the road for fear of getting their cars smelly.

  2. This is a Musang, the Malaysian version of a fox. Some species leave a scent of pandan (a fragrant leave we use for cooking). With these critters around, no rats would venture into my attic. But heck, they're both equally pesky and noisy to have around.

  3. from the look of this photo... it look so cute!!... got ppl adopt these musang as pet or not? lol just wondering......

  4. My younger bro once found a baby. It's mother was killed by another farmer. He nursed it with powdered milk and let it stay in the farmhouse. In the end he had to let it go free because it started wrecking the house and making a mess. (How do you toilet train a wild animal?)

  5. Well, he's still hanging around and dancing on the roof and prowling around in the attic at night. One more thing I noticed last night, there seems to be no more lizards running around on my walls. I wonder if he's responsible for their disappearance too...

  6. I don't think so musang like lizard... it prefer fruits but some times if too hungry they eat whatever they can find easily..