Saturday, January 27, 2007

An angel's wedding

We had another dinner at last week's venue. Our Vice-President's secretary, Angel (that's really her name) got married. The VP sat at our table and complained about the number of his secretaries who got hitched over the years. I said he should hire older women instead of unmarried young girls. Not counting of course, the one who was already married but divorced and then got 'stolen' along with the whole family, by a colleague from his fatherland. And the kids ended up with a better life while learning a new language and getting adopted by their German dad. We love nice endings to a story.

Lucky guy.  With an Angel to take care of him from now on, he must be the best protected person on earth (eat your heart out, Dubya Bush)...

I rather like those paintings they put up along the walls. Reminded me of Modigliani's long necked women. But these appeared to be prints made on canvass, rather than oils.

We got exactly the same 8 course fare except for the steamed fish. And we got the same singer/MC whose singing was as good as his command of both English and Mandarin, except that he kept reminding us of his name. "My name is Edward, Edward is my name...Hope you enjoy my music..." I thought he should first be saying, 'hope you enjoy the food'. Then again, if you can sing that good, don't sing at wedding dinners. Everybody would be busy chatting and trying to outdo the decibel of the speakers and your music.

Among the 6 of us at this table, we downed at least a dozen bottles of Carlsberg. I managed to keep my limit, reminding my 'better' drinker friends I had to drive alone all the way to SP. I don't relish the idea of singing karaoke with some police officers along the way. Sure glad I remained sober. My nightmare with the car began a few minutes after getting into interchange leading to the highway. Call that a sobering experience.


  1. i love weddings. ever a happy location

  2. good eye on the modigliani similarities - didn't notice till you pointed it out!

  3. i think i saw that guy (Edward) before at a celebration somewhere.

  4. I like Edward's idea of putting his dell on the whacamacalit (thingy that you usually put your musical sheets on) which had been turned turned back to front. Makes sense to use that instead of bulky score sheets.

    ... then again... how many songs did he need to sing, right? perhaps it was for the requests ;-)

    I guess blowing his horn did have some benefits... even I know his name now. Haha.

  5. He'd click them with the mouse and sing them right off the pc. Kept going one song after another, stopping only to make some announcements or for the 'yamseng' and champagne intervals and for gulp or two off a large bottle of carlsberg.