Monday, May 23, 2005

When the Reaper calls...

How come I always seem to be having great lines for writing when I’m busy doing something else other than sitting at my pc or anywhere near to a writing pad?  Is it the worst thing that can happen to any writer, whether professional or amateur?  This morning while walking back from our market with the missus, I thought of writing something having to do with faith.  But as I started to write when I sat down at my pc, the thoughts of faith became interspersed with images of the deaths of innocent victims of road accidents and crimes that are running rampant on our highways and the cities.  The image of the mother and two young daughters killed on the highway on a rainy 1st of May, came back to haunt my memory.  And my writings went into a different direction….

My faith

Is in the Power and Benevolence

Of the Supreme Being

Not in the futile

Exhortations of mortals

Though they may have

The purest of intentions

Of which most of them do not

They predictably fall short

Of expectations

When upon their very soul

You have to trust

Their intervention

For your deliverance

From the clutches of Evil Schemers

Or the sudden twists of fate

That snatches life of a love one away

From the fast lanes of living

Or from remote corners

Of the safest haven

You have no need

Of a voice to answer when

The Reaper calls your name…..

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